Saturday, September 17, 2016

Aware of Your Surroundings

We recently went to a home just north of Corvallis at the request of a family who had been experiencing a general unease as did their two young children, 18 months and 2 1/2. The two year old seemed particularly unsettled, so much so that he often told his parents that he didn't want to go home. Like most of our clients, they called because they knew that something was out of balance and they felt this most acutely in specific areas of the house and the yard.

As soon as we arrived, got out of the car and walked up the front walk, the three of us immediately felt nauseated.  it stopped us in our tracks and we walked the yard gauging where the feeling was most intense.  After we brought our tools into the  living room, we sat down with the family and discussed their perceptions, experiences and efforts that they had employed to get rid of the sensations.  The mother said that the condition was most acute in the northeast corner of the house, in an upstairs bedroom where she usually sat to nurse or cuddle with the kids.  She had been diligently searching for a possible cure.  Her strongest hunch was EMF, but there were no high power transmission lines or transformers in close proximity. As we walked through the house and yard and examined the electrical system, grounding, etc., it became apparent that EMF levels were normal and this was not the cause.

Earth Energy Grids
In the yard, at the edge of a small backyard patio, below the window of the bedroom, we found a vortex that was especially powerful and the where the strongest feelings of nausea occurred.  The family mentioned that it had been so uncomfortable that they no longer used the patio.  This vortex was at the intersecting lines of the solar grid, which normally would be the site of a benign vortex.
There was, however, a dry fault running directly beneath the vortex which amplified the force.  The line of the grid extended through the house and the front yard along the line where we had first experienced the queasiness.

Earth Acupuncture
When we mentioned the fault line, the parents told us that during the rainy season water flowed over the ground along their north fence line and pooled right where we found the vortex. We dealt with the vortex by reducing and confining it through energy work and construction of thought forms to contain it.  We then used earth acupuncture at three intersection points and enhanced the energy with cinnamon essential oil.

We conducted a thorough spiritual house cleansing to rid the house of negative energies, that in part were residual energies from prior tenants. Following a cleansing with salt and fire, we went throughout the home with healing incense and handheld crystal bowls.

For us, the most unsettling and unusual aspect of the clearing was that we advised them to strongly consider moving.  This is rare for us, perhaps only the second time we have so advised. The family is in no immediate danger, but the conditions of the land and the surroundings was clearly not going to advantageous for their future. In fact, before we left we worked with acupressure techniques to "sedate" and balance their adrenal (triple warmer) meridian. We taught them to do it on each other and the children.  We will soon revisit the home and see how the mitigations hold and how they have enhanced their well-being.