Monday, February 16, 2015

House Clearings a a Distance

At Energy Shifters we often get inquiries about house cleansings in locations far from our home base in Portland, Oregon. Occasionally our clients are able to arrange travel for us to the location. But more frequently, we work at a distance.  In these instances we work very closely with the homeowner. 

Over the past few months we’ve had a few interesting clearings. One was in Costa Rico, Tucson, Phoenix, Ottawa, London and several in Los Angeles. The point is that these distance clearings are as effective as ones we are able to do in person. We prefer to work in person, but this is not always possible. 

We prepare in the same way, gathering information from the client, “visiting” the site by Google Earth, photos and narratives from the client.  We believe that the clients’ observations and instincts are most valuable and accurate.
Map Dowsing
We use map dowsing with the printed maps and satellite locations. Street view images and other view of the property are useful.

We use other forms of divination such as a pendulum, tarot cards and other methods.

The situations vary. In one case it was a geopathic vortex that drew negative energy into a home causing anger, illness and confusion. We were able to isolate and relocate the vortex.  In another case we worked for a realtor who experiencing difficulty in selling a seemingly very attractive property. What blocked the sale was that the previous owner remained very possessive of the property in her desire to not allow anyone else to buy.  This resulted in a powerful block to potential buyers; the home had been on the market for over 8 months. Our remote clearing resulted in removal of the negative energy and a sale within two weeks.

Other cases involved the assistance for spirits in leaving a home.  We have found that our ability to communicate with spirits and entities is not hampered by distance. In other situations negative energies have been generated by traumas, abuse, foreclosures and other prior activities in the home. Many times this type of clearing requires more involvement by the clients.  We give them ceremonies, prayers, rituals and other activities to mitigate these negative energies. 

While we prefer to work in the home, office or land involved, we have found many effective means to complete the cleansing from a distance.